Saturday 17th August 2024

Rules and Regulations

• PLEASE ENSURE THE WRIST BANDS PROVIDED ARE WORN AT ALL TIMES. Any exhibitor ignoring this will be banned from further shows. Your co-operation in this matter is of the utmost importance.
• All prize money will be paid on the day.
• In the event of a cancellation, all exhibitors will receive a 50% refund on their entry fee.
• The form of Entry MUST be properly and completely filled in and duty signed by exhibitor (or agent) with correct entry fee and be delivered to the Secretary, or sent direct to her to reach her on or before the published closing date.
• Late entries will be accepted on the day at an additional £2 per class – Cash only
• All stock must be in the show yard at 9:00. The entries must remain on view in the show, until the following times: AGRICULTURAL SECTION 4:30PM. HORTICULTURAL SECTION 4.30PM. Any person removing any exhibit from its place before such time will render any prize to which they may be entitled, liable to be forfeited.
• All stock exhibited will be distinguished in the yard by numbered Tickets affixed to each lot, in their respective classes, which Tickets may be obtained from the Secretary and will correspond with the number in the Official Catalogue: and all Exhibitors of Horses and Cattle must affix the Ticket to their stock before entering the Show yard to avoid confusion, and each Bull must be secured with a ring in the nose, with a rope or chain attached.
• Any dispute that may arise will be decided by the Executive Committee whose decision is final. In no case is any Exhibitor to be allowed inside the ring while the Judges are on duty, except those in charge of their own stock.
• Any Exhibitor lodging a protest must first deposit £10.00 with the Secretary, which will be forfeited to the funds of the Society if the same is not sustained. All protests must be in writing and received on the day of the show.
• The Judges have the power to put prize money together and divide it, if their opinion there is equality of merit.

• Each Exhibitor shall be solely responsible for and shall make good repair, any loss, damage, or injury caused or occasioned by or through any animal exhibited by them shall indemnify and hold harmless the Committee against all legal or other proceedings in regard thereto.
• The Committee will not in any case hold themselves responsible for any loss of any damage to any Exhibit at the Show or any other property belonging to the Exhibitor or for an error of description in Catalogue or for any accident occurring through or to any Exhibitor or his servant or any other person attending the show.
• Any person desiring to exhibit Goods for Sale in the Show Yard must first obtain permission from the Secretary.
• Any person found damaging the fencing, or trespassing, or in any way misconducting themselves, will be handed over to the police.
• The Committee reserve the right to themselves the sole and absolute right to interpret these or any other prescribed Rules or Regulations and the Conditions of the prize list to determine any questions or dispute in regard thereto, or in regard to any other matter (connected with the Show) not thereby provided for.
• All Annual Cups to be returned to the Secretary on application.
• The committee can refuse Entry, without any explanation being given.
• The committee has taken reasonable precautions to ensure the Health & Safety of the Show field. For these measures to be effective everyone MUST obey the instructions from Stewards and Officials.