Saturday 17th August 2024

Section Closing Dates

Closing dates for the 2018 classes are as follows-
Horticulture: Friday 10th August
Livestock: Saturday 11th August – No late entries accepted
Poultry: Saturday 11th August – No late entries accepted
Pet Show: Friday 10th August
Horses: Monday 13th August – Late entries accepted on the day at an additional charge (excluding Welsh Bronze Medal  classes 13-35).  For more information regarding entry fees and late entry fees/information please read this post: 
Showjumping: All entries taken on the day ONLY at the Islwyn Riding Club Secretary box.
Childrens Craft: Entries accepted a week prior to, and up until the day of the show (All entries MUST be in the tent by 10am on show day)
All schedules are available for instant download here: or on email/postal request  (If you require a hard copy of the schedule please send a SAE) to the secretary of the section you wish to enter. Contact detail of all the section secretaries can be found here:
If you have a question about a class you have already or wish to enter, please directly contact the appropriate secretary to ensure we can provide you with an answer prior to the 18th.

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